A Guide to Sex & Dating After 50

A Guide to Sex & Dating After 50

The moments of the very first date you’ve ever had in your life is a very awkward and at the same time a heart-pounding one. You probably have a curfew back then. But what life could bring if you’re in your 50’s? Is dating still possible? How about the sex life?

Life at 50’s

Most people want to find a friend or a life partner and to meet date who may fulfil this desire. Some of them through friends or family other use dating websites. Dating after 40 or 50 means taking control of your love life just like you do to the rest of your life leads you to make good decisions.

Sex according to the book “The Ultimate Guide to Sex after 50” by Joan Price, Sex changes with aging but for every problem, there is a solution. Therefore, I come up with some guidelines to sex and dating after 50:

1. Always have good regular exercise.

Some people might think that sex is leisure but you can work it out a quite sweat during lovemaking. Good exercise can help you to strengthen your muscles and improves your mood and helps you to look better. Exercising is one way to help to improve your libido and erectile dysfunction. This form of activity can be one of the few dates you’ll have— the essence of exercising together.

2. Try something new and keep it interesting

Add some variety to your sex life (when you’ve been with the same partner for a long time). Changes the time or day of your sex, trying different positions or take it out of the bedroom to have some change in ambiance in making love can help to spice up the sex life at 50’s. Be innovative and creative for your partner. Likewise, when it comes to dating you must know how to deal with your date’s interest.

3. Dress for success

One to get fire during dates, you must to dress nicely. Comfortable clothes will always be part of your line. If you don’t have any time to mix and match call helps preferably a woman.

4. Get Comfortable

Always remember that you should always be yourself. Make sure the feeling of awkwardness between you and your partner will not be felt. Let things flow and be gentle as always and act normally. When it comes to sex, since you’re aging, experiencing arthritis or ongoing pain makes sex less enjoyable however, find ways to feel better. Plan sex for time of a day when you feel you’re at best.

5. Talk things out

Talk openly with your partner. Good communication among you will help to build good rapport. Making things surely be alright between you will boost the desires about things going on between you and your partner. Likewise, being open and talk about the concerns of your sex life is one way to make sure that problem will be resolved.

People who are aging at 50’s find themselves good in handling relationship most especially in dating or in sex life because of the experiences they had in the past. They’re still pushing themselves to the limit as they grow old. In this regard, age therefore is just a number. 5 and 0 never stops them in making their life to the next level or spicing up the next chapter of their life.

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